"Simple Interest Loan with Variable Repayments" : image by Mike DeHaan
We're back with a new self-made image included in my recent Decoded Science article, "How to Calculate Simple Interest".

Understanding how to calculate simple interest is a necessary skill for controlling your personal finances, since it lets you understand the cost of borrowing money. It's also the foundation for calculating compound interest, which is a future topic.

Publishing my "artwork" here first establishes my copyright.

I've also publicized my article in DeHaan Services, where "What is Simple Interest at Decoded Science" adds some Canadian content and recommends a simple reference book about personal finances.

A Simple versus Compound Writing Tip

Today we recycle an older writing tip based on my experience working on this article.

I'd originally considered writing about both simple and compound interest in one article. The main point would be the contrast between the two interest calculations.

Then I realized that each topic could easily fill an article or two. Even this "simple interest" essay had over 1,000 words.

Further topics could examine interest calculations for savings versus loans, or examine the relationship between Euler's "e=2.71828..." and compound interest.

So here is the double writing tip.

Break up your topic into manageable chunks, so you only present one unified concept at a time.

Do think about the range of sub-topics within your topic. Develop a series of articles to cover them.

That's my plan for the interesting topic of interest calculations.

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