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My next Decoded Science article, "Winning Powerball Tickets in Arizona and Missouri: How to Calculate the (Slim) Odds" calculates the odds of wiining the Powerball lottery in the USA.

The above original image hereby serves as a copyright notice, since it first appeared in this blog.

Canadian Content and Publicity for my Lottery Calculation Articles

When I began to publicize the Decoded Science article, I realized that the Canadian market would be well served by adding some calculations for the 6/49 lottery. Therefore DeHaan Services covers both bases "How to Calculate Lottery Odds for 6/49 or Powerball".

In addition, my Xanga blog provides a brief shout-out in "How to Calculate Powerball Lottery Odds"

One Low-Risk Writing Tip

Today's writing tip is similar to one I've offered before.

Start with a specific topic. In this case, my Decoded Science editor commissioned an article about the currently wildly popular Powerball.

Then look at the big picture. First I researched the specific calculation for any lottery, as well as the necessary rules for Powerball. Then I realized that Canadians have a similar lottery, although the rules and therefore the probabilities of winning are slightly different.

Writing for DeHaan Services allowed me to promote my Decoded Science article as well as to address the Canadian market separately.

That allowed me to publicize my DeHaan Services article to a Canadian-only site. That also provides an indirect marketing play for Decoded Science.

Whether you're writing about the odds of winning a lottery or how to buy a new computer, it's often useful to change focus in order to address the needs of a new audience of readers.

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