"Gallup Rasmussen and Silver Poll Reliability 2012" image by Mike DeHaan
My Decoded Science article includes this original image, so I want to lay claim to the copyright by publishing it here in my blog.

"Reliable Pollster Report Card in 2012 Presidential Election" is a follow-up to my "How Statistics May Help Select a Reliable Election Poll" published in May 2012.

I can finally show how accurately Rasmussen and Gallop predicted the 2012 race.

Promoting my Pollster Report Card

Normally I only publish a maximum of one article per day in any given blog.

Since I also wrote "Free Events for the 2012 Grey Cup Festival in Toronto" today in DeHaan Services, and am publicizing it in my Xanga blog, I had to a day.

At long last, "How to Create a Report Card for Opinion Polls" and "Can You Give Pollsters a Report Card?" do indeed help me promote the statistical report card.

One Writing Tip for Repeating Report Cards

I've mentioned the idea for this writing tip before, but it bears repeating.

It's about repeating a topic.

A better phrase would be to re-visit a topic.

Earlier in 2012, as the USA's presidential election race was heating up, some people began questioning the validity of several opinion polls.

That gave me the opportunity to suggest a way to determine what voices should be heard. Check the track record of different polling organizations, and give the most weight to those with the best statistical record.

My article looked at results up through the 2008 election in the USA.

Clearly that invites a follow-up article to determine how well they did in the election in 2012.

Keep this writing tip in mind: if the first article is worth writing, can it be worthy of a re-visit?

I certainly thought that the statistics to grade pollsters was a pleasant topic the second time around.

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