In preparing my Decoded Science article, "Introducing the Binomial Coefficient for Positive Integers", I created some new images.

"Sum of n Choose k" image by Mike DeHaan
This is my "featured image", although it may not be perfectly suited to attract attention.

"Pascal's Triangle" image by Mike DeHaan
I made my own version of Pascal's Triangle at this time, but there was no room for this topic inside my article.

While it gathers cybernetic dust awaiting a future article, it may as well be displayed here anyway.

My standard but always cunning plan is to post my original images in a blog under my control, simply to ensure that copyright is obvious for my work.

Publicity for my Binomial Coefficients Article

Once my article on binomial coefficients is published, then I will publicize it in DeHaan Services ("A Start for the Binomial Coefficient") and in my Xanga blog ("A Beginner's Guide to the Binomial Coefficient").

One Binomial Coefficient Writing Tip

This writing tip involves the size of an online article.

Generally the publisher or editor of an online magazine has a definite opinion of how large an article should be.

My goal is to give "value" to my readers. Although they don't "purchase" my articles, they do invest the time to read...or at least, to click and then scan quickly.

My Binomial Coefficients article had enough details and length that there was no need to include Pascal's Triangle. That, despite its close relationship to binomial coefficients.

Some sites would prefer a very narrow topic for each brief article. "How to Plug in a Toaster" might be as broad as that site allows.

Others allow each article to cover a gamut of sub-topics. "Fishing for Catfish" might include choosing a rod and reel, bait, type of water, noodling (catching the fish by hand!) and appropriate use of a net.

My current Binomial Coefficients article is just under one thousand words. That's usually enough for two or three pages in Decoded Science, and sufficient to introduce the topic.

So today's writing tip is to know the length of articles most desired by your readers and your editor.

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