"Cenotaph at Old City Hall in Toronto Ontario" image by Wanda G (Wanda Gould)
Remembrance Day 2012 should be such a big deal that I wrote two separate articles about it in DeHaan Services.

They are split by geography, as the titles make obvious. "Choose a 2012 Remembrance Day Ceremony in Toronto" shines its spotlight on the big city, but "Parades or Ceremonies for Remembrance Day 2012 in the GTA" looks at three different municipalities in the Greater Toronto Area.

My articles also explain a bit about Remembrance Day itself.

Promoting my 2012 Remembrance Day Articles

My Xanga blog continues the tradition of promoting my articles, in "Plan for Remembrance Day 2012 in Toronto and the GTA".

One Commemorative Writing Tip for Remembrance Day 2012

Regular readers know that I write an ongoing series of articles about annual Toronto events, with a focus on the inexpensive, unusual or under-publicized.While Remembrance Day always gets some attention in the mainstream media, certainly no-one spends a fortune advertising it. So I think it's worth my while to give it some free publicity. In a small way, it's part of the contribution I would owe. See the "...in Toronto" article for more of my own feelings.

My writing tip explains why I ventured into the GTA, when there was more than enough material just in Toronto.

Something else had reminded me to check my Alexa statistics last week. I was surprised to see that "in [town]" was rated as an important keyword, since the [town] was not "Toronto".

Yes, I had indeed mentioned that city before.

Standard SEO ("Search Engine Optimization") and AdSense (Google advertising) wisdom recommend using "long tail keywords" to drive readers and advertisers.

So I made the decision to use that type of keyword in at least the one article. I'd already researched the Toronto events, and decided that covering more would be fairly straightforward. It was not, partly because the various GTA municipalities have different sources than those I usually find for annual events in Toronto.

Nonetheless. I found enough material to make a decent, if small and far from comprehensive, article.

Here's a bonus writing tip. Although a long-tail keyword like "in [town]" has benefits, it also limits the likely audience. If you write an article using "in New York" as a keyword, you have a potential readership of millions of local residents and other millions of onlookers...and hordes of competitors.

If you use "in [town]", both the readership and competition are drastically reduced.

You can aim to be a big fish in the ocean, or a goldfish in a small aquarium. Either way you have the chance for a meal (of readers), or to be swallowed by a larger predator.

Regardless, thanks for reading my "Remembrance Day 2012" articles.

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