Only my second Environmental Graffiti article for September, "One Endangered Giant Panda's Waste is Humanity's Biofuel Treasure" shows the potential in the giant panda's intestinal bacteria.
"Giant Panda Eating Bamboo" by Crazy Creatures
Biofuel production may be important to sustain our gasoline-powered lifestyles. Scientists are reviewing how different animals convert cellulose into fuel. Here's my scoop on panda poop!

As always, I also promote my article in my DeHaan Services blog. As usual, "Possible Biofuel Improvement Thanks to Endangered Giant Pandas" simply points to the main article.

Writing Tip

Here is the only writing tip related to today's article.

After deciding to write my version of the news item, I researched several possible search terms using Google "Insight for Search" to determine the exact phrases that people were seeking, and also what advertisers would reward with  better rates.

While they remain popular, these factors might improve the chances that this article will be viewed.

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