"A Sneezing Girl Could Transmit H1N1" : image by SCA Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget
"H1N1 in Households, or the Math of Spreading Swine Flu", my latest Decoded Science article, discusses a recent research paper by Dr. Thomas House.

He found a statistical distribution, or mathematical model, that relates the spread of H1N1 throughout a household with the number of family members living in that household.

This could influence the way epidemics are recognized and handled in the future.

Transmitting the H1N1 News

As always, both my DeHaan Services ("Math Fights H1N1 Flu in Decoded Science") and Xanga ("Math and Statistics versus Swine Flu") blogs transmit publicity about my latest online article.

One Infectious Writing Tip

Yesterday's writing tip was also about images, but had a focus on checking for permission before using someone else's picture that was published online.

Today is about selecting an image.

Both today's article in Decoded Science and yesterday's in DeHaan Services ("First International Day of the Girl at Yonge-Dundas Square", about the start of an annual autumn charity event in Toronto), use pictures of people to catch a reader's attention.

In fact, they use rather cute pictures of people.

It's important to attract attention. Use cute, bold, or surprising images to attract readers.

Yes, make sure the image relates to the article.

Do as most successful online magazines do: ensure that an interesting picture leads your article, much as this sneezing girl does in my publicity articles touting the way math can combat an H1N1 pandemic.

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