My lengthy article, "Differential Calculus Introduction: Simple Polynomial Equations", will be published in Decoded Science tomorrow.

Perhaps because I used over a thousand words, I only created two images.

"Simple Graph of a Straight Line" by Mike DeHaan
This simple graph of a straight line demonstrates a constant slope.

"Simple Graph of a Parabola" by Mike DeHaan
This parabola illustrates a more complex curve that requires calculus to determine the slope at any point.

Shameless Promotion of Articles

As is my usual practice, I also WILL promoted this article in my DeHaan Services blog: "YET TO BE WRITTEN" will have very little additional information.

Writing Tips: Plan More, then Repair

Some weeks ago, I had decided to write about calculus for Decoded Science. I also planned to prepare with several introductory articles.

Much to my chagrin, while writing this introduction to Differential Calculus, I found myself using terminology and theorems for which I had not prepared my readers. Due to my self-imposed deadline pressures, I left these topics with a subtle hint that they would develop into future articles.

Today's first Writing Tip is to plan thoroughly and then plan more, so that your articles will build smoothly from foundation through walls to roof.

My second Writing Tip is to find graceful ways to deal with any lack of planning exposed when you finally write an article that needs more support.

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