I wrote "The Tortoise and Hare Approach to Running Pace" today based on an insight from simply completing a training run.

I thought of this familiar Aesop's Fable because I started running at a turtle's pace.

To promote my fitness article in my DeHaan Services blog, I put more of the focus on Aesop's fables; see
"Fitness with the Tortoise and the Hare".
"Red-eared turtles in wetland environment in Iowa" image by Lynn Betts, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service.

One Runner's Writing Tip

When I finished my run, I realized that I had just learned a lesson that had a bit in common with "The Tortoise and the Hare". At least, the slow start was similar to that reptile's.

But the writing tip is to pay attention to any insights you gain in the course of everyday living. As a writer, make that something you can share!

Even if you're not writing in the "self-help" field, any random insight can lead to a new article. If you think there's a link between unrelated new items, do some research and make your case. Does new space exploration by newcomers (whether SpaceX corporation or national projects by India or China) affect global oil prices? Are Internet privacy concerns related to Common Core adjustments to teaching? Did you make your life more efficient or pleasant?

Write about it. Make someone's day "fable-ous".

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