Picture"Old Toronto Road Closure Sign for Waterfront Marathon" image by Mike DeHaan
For years, I've complained that the old "Road Closed" signs in Toronto do absolutely nothing to promote marathons in Toronto.

My recent DeHaan Services article, "2 Signs of the 2013 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon", shows that the Toronto Waterfront Marathon 2013 should have some decent promotional signs along with the old-fashioned scary postings inspired by a Hallowe'en colour scheme.

Sorry, you absolutely must click the link to see the new and improved sign for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon 2013.

As a bonus for those in Toronto, my article also notes the date and time, the major road closures, and adds my personal spectators' guide so you can see the runners where determination counts the most.

One Promotional Writing Tip

Today's writing tip suggests you consider how your web site or your writing style promotes itself.

Many marketing gurus claim you need to change the colour scheme or font, from time to time. Slap on some fresh paint to draw your readers' attention. "Ooh, shiny!" is the response to evoke.

On the other hand, your regular readers find your content meaningful or helpful; and they now know how to navigate your site. Don't change everything; at least, not all at once.

For example, I've adopted "bold style plus colour" to highlight "writing tip" in this blog. If I had planned this from the outset, and if I could code it as an XML style, I could change them all to "writing tip" so we could have consistency as well as change. But I'd either have to go back to each article and change the style manually, or leave articles inconsistent where I made the switch. Is that worth it?

My true writing tip is to look for the features that currently detract from your marketing appeal, and then fix those errors. Don't just change something for the sake of marketing. Instead, change the worst feature that works against the appeal your writing should have.

Those ugly old black-on-orange signs in Toronto were intended to scare away drivers; and they do a fine job. The new signs are more informative, and should attract spectators to come cheer the runners in the Toronto Waterfront Marathon 2013.

What will you change to incite your readers to cheer your next article?

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