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Earlier this week I'd published "Three Reasons to Avoid Vitamin D Deficiency" in my DeHaan Fitness site.

However, I was unavoidably detained from publicizing it by other tasks, as well as a brief vacation.

The three health risks about vitamin D deficiency that I noted were:

  1. Several types of heart disease
  2. Respiratory infections in children
  3. Breast cancer

These are simply "higher risks" rather than "you're doomed" scenarios, but it's well worth taking the safe road.

I'd actually touched on the increased risk of breast cancer over a year ago, in "Can Taking a Vitamin D Supplement Help Prevent Breast Cancer?" at the Suite 101 site.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is for educational purposes only and should not be used for diagnosis or to guide treatment without the opinion of a health professional. Any reader who is concerned about his or her health should contact a doctor for advice.

More Publicity for my Vitamin D Deficiency Article

Naturally my DeHaan Services ("Three Problems from Vitamin D Deficiency") and Xanga ("Don't be Vitamin D Deficient") blogs publicize my article.

A Therapeutic Writing Tip

I used this writing tip for this article, as well as my more recent "Autumn Jam by Occupy Gardens Toronto in September 2012" in DeHaan Services.

The writing tip is to save time by re-using an appropriate image or picture from an older article.

The image had better illustrate the point for your new article, or at least relate well.

This tip lets you add an image to an article without the time to search your favourite photo-sharing sites for appropriate pictures with the correct Creative Commons licenses. (I use "commercial re-use", since I hope to become fabulously wealthy someday).

You do not want to repeat the same image every time, or without enough time between uses. That makes people think they've already read your article.

Sometimes I've shuffled images and featured different ones. See my series in Decoded Science, starting with "A Brief Introduction to the Turing Machine". There just aren't many pictures of Turing available via the Creative Commons license. And just try to find a picture of a theoretical construct such as a Turing machine!

With the "vitamin D deficiency" situation, there aren't many visible signs for impending heart disease. If I had included "rickets", perhaps I could have found a picture of some child whose legs had curved sideways. Since that was not part of my article, it would have been useless.

Do not re-use an image if you had special permission to use it the first time. For example, if I had received a particular dispensation from the photographer to show those vitamin D supplements for my first article, I would have had to obtain permission anew.

To summarize, consider re-using an image from a previous article if it is still available and relevant, and if you haven't used it to death in recent articles.

That's my writing tip based on writing that DeHaan Fitness article about 3 risks from vitamin D deficiency.
4/28/2014 03:37:11 pm

Wow! I am really impressed by the way you detailed out everything. It is really going to help me a lot. Thanks for sharing your thoughts so clearly.


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