Although "2012 Luminato" sounds like a fine sports car, today we're publicizing today's DeHaan Services article, "My Double Double Picks for Luminato 2012 in Toronto".

It's about arts, culture and entertainment. "ACE" is the acronym, not "CAR".

"Ludwig van Beethoven" via Wikimedia Commons
The Festival Luminato is an annual arts wingding in Toronto that lasts two weeks. Rather than documenting all the events across two dozen venues, I decided to focus on two pairs. Hence the "double double" in the title, which is a sly pun on coffee with two creams and two sugars.

As always, I also promote my article in my Xanga blog ("6 Picks for Toronto's Festival Luminato 2012"), where I also explain how a double-double becomes "6 picks".

One Writing Tip based on Luminato

One of the first "Toronto Event" articles I wrote in my DeHaan Services blog also had a large number of venues and performances. I tried to thoroughly list, and comment on, each one.

Today's writing tip is to be more selective, especially when writing about a "festival" that includes many "events".

Focus your article on a limited number of items. Include a link to the main site, so your readers can dig up more details. Your job is to invite people to consider enrolling in the school, not to teach the whole curriculum.

Anyway, that has become my approach to writing about Toronto events such as Toronto's Festival Luminato for 2012.

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