"Saint Patrick in Stained Glass" by NeitherFanboy
At the cusp of March 2013, it's time to answer questions about St. Patrick's Day. Therefore DeHaan Services proudly presents "The 2013 St Patricks Day Parade in Toronto".

Two Writing Tips for St. Patrick's Day

It's just the luck of the Irish that we can present two writing tips for St. Patrick's Day. Both deal with search engines, to some degree.

The first writing tip is that it's tricky to include a possesive apostrophe (') in an article's title. Notice that the DeHaan Services article uses "Patricks" without the apostrophe; but here the title includes it ("Patrick's").

The reason is that different sites and different browsers capture special characters in odd ways. It might become something like "Patrick&quotes", or be displayed as "Patrick?s".

Whether that confuses the search engines or not, it certainly looks bad if someone else links to your article and the title has something odd.

The second writing tip is to watch for variations in the way people spell the keywords you're using. Here are five that affect my current article:

  • St Patrick Day
  • St Patricks Day
  • St Patrick's Day
  • St. Patricks Day
  • St. Patrick's Day
Obviously I prefer both the (.) and the ('), but I also want people to find my article however they mangle "St. Patrick's Day".

I didn't even bother with "Saint" versus "St.".

If you have an excuse to write several different articles at different sites, you might flood each article with its own variation. Then each site has one consistent version. I went in the opposite direction today, giving each spelling at least one moment "on stage" in the one post.

So buy a few St Patrick's Day shirts to wear to your next upcoming St. Patrick's Day parade.

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