"2 State Markov Chain" : image by Joxemai4
My latest Decoded Science article, "Cancer Research Applies a Markov Chain Monte Carlo Approach", introduces three topics.
  1. A Markov Chain model sets up the possible transitions from one situation to another, and assigns different probabilities to each. For example, a smoker might step outside of his job in an office building a few times a day, but only head for the bus stop once.
  2. A Monte Carlo simulation emulates a somewhat random process. It's a bit like the Snakes and Ladders game, but without really tossing the dice.
  3. The cancer research examined whether a tumour would only send "seeds" to other, healthy sites in the body, or whether it might "re-seed" into the primary site.
Of course I also publicized this article in my DeHaan Services blog, where "A Monte Carlo Simulation where Math Meets Cancer Research" adds some tips for Canadians wanting more math help or a Canadian university with programs that may lead to a career in medical research.

One Markov Chain Writing Tip

You may have selected a topic because of your personal interest. Perhaps you followed market research or a hot tip from an editor or fellow author.

Whether you're as successful as your dreams, or seem to be flailing aimlessly, you sometimes may need to simply try a new approach. Pick a new keyword; change the narrator's point of view; lead with questions or drop them altogether.

Then check whether the new approach succeeds, by the measurements that matter to you. Did you get more readers, more comments or more advertising revenue? Did it take longer to research, or were you more efficient with your time?

This writing tip says that sometimes the best way to improve your work is to step away from your usual "state" and try something different.

Let's admit the Markov Chain may indeed lead back to the original state; sometimes by a roundabout route. But at least your readers will find something new, and hopefully interesting, as they follow that chain with you.

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