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In my haste to get a lot of work done, I'd neglected to publicize two of my recent Suite 101 articles about Mennonites.

"Distinctly Mennonite Beliefs in the 1995 Confession of Faith" reports on the most recent statement of modern Mennonite beliefs which was adopted by many North American Mennonites. This is filed under the "Mennonite Beliefs" channel in Suite 101.

"The Death of the Mennonite Martyr, Dirk Willemsz" is part of the "Mennonite History" channel. Willemsz is famous for saving the life of his pursuer; this act of kindness doomed Willemsz but ensured his place in Mennonite history.

Publicity for Two Mennonite Articles

Both DeHaan Services ("Would Willemsz Die for Modern Mennonite Beliefs?") and my Xanga blog ("Twin Tales of Mennonite Martyrdom and Beliefs") provide publicity for my Suite 101 articles.

Twin Writing Tips from Two Mennonite Articles

Let's start with a writing tip about the efficiency of working with similar themes.

When writing the Suite 101 articles, there was not a great deal of synergy between the two topics. One was about a long-dead martyr; the other about a new statement of beliefs.

There was little background for Willemsz beyond the main reason for his fame. I had to dig fairly deeply to find something that was new to me.

On the other hand, the whole 1995 Mennonite Confession was available so I had more material than could fit into Suite 101's usual format.

I did find it helpful to write one publicity article for both. In the one DeHaan Services blog post, I discuss briefly whether Willemsz would be willing to die for the new Mennonite beliefs.

My second writing tip for today is a reminder to remain up-to-date with your publicity. I had covered most of the bases, but had put my focus on a third Suite 101 article written at about the same time. "Did the 'Canadian Mennonite' Become Political in 2012?" was my hot topic and so it received publicity from my blogs. Although all three were bookmarked online, these two had not received their full due.

Whether the topic is Mennonite beliefs from 1995 or a Mennonite martyr from 1569, new articles deserve to be publicized in a timely fashion.

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