"Weebly Page HTML Code" image by Mike DeHaan
Thanks to a reader who asked "Have you found a way to place custom HTML text onto a Weebly blog page but not in a blog post and not in the sidebar?"

(By the way: I have super-sized pictures of these images in my promotional article in DeHaan Services, "Why Add Custom HTML Code to a Free Website").

The insufferably unhelpful answer is "Yes, thanks". But let's make this a useful article instead.

The above image is from my "90 Second Timer" page on this Weebly blog, in edit mode. Yes, this is a free web site; yes, Weebly does support custom code.

I've circled some custom HTML and a control. But that's not the whole story of how to add custom HTML to a Weebly page.

By the way: this post does not explain all about "how to code HTML"; it covers how to add HTML to a free website hosted by Weebly.

When I decided to create my own free website, I too wondered how much I could customize Weebly. It's a pleasure to share what I've learned so far about Weebly for free website creation and hosting.

How to Add Custom HTML to a Weebly Blog Post

Before we tackle the rest, astute Weebly bloggers will notice that the "Custom HTML" form is not available by default when editing a blog post.

Notice that the default is the "Basic" + "Elements" list, with the "Paragraph", "Block Quote", etc.

You add the "Custom HTML" form by using the upper menu: click "More", then "Misc", and voila! The "Custom HTML" is the first form on this row, along with others. Just drag and drop this form onto the page or blog post.

What is "Custom HTML" Anyway?

Nearly everything on the Web is written in HTML, "HyperText Markup Language".

When you add an image, or create a link, in the usual "Paragraph with Picture" form, Weebly adds specific HTML code that remains hidden from your view.

Special text effects such as bold, italic or colours are also pre-packaged HTML codes that Weebly provides.

However, HTML can do much more than this.

The Weebly platform allows you to add whatever HTML you want, but only through the "Custom HTML" form.

If you try it in the usual "Paragraph" form, for example, the automatic Weebly editor will strip out the HTML code.

Finishing the Custom HTML Story for Weebly's Free Web Site

"Weebly SEO Settings" image by Mike DeHaan
Some types of "custom HTML" are actually Javascript code snippets or other executables that must be placed earlier on the page.

For my "90 Second Timer" page, I had to add code in the Header section.

Depending on what you're adding, you may need to add custom HTML code to Footer section instead.

Purists may argue that we're talking about Javascript code rather than HTML, but I'm trying to address what a fellow Weebly author might be trying to do. "Blast it Jim, I'm a blogger, not a professor". (With apologies to Dr. "Bones" McCoy).

That code is available to every page or post on your Weebly free website.

Why Add Custom HTML Code to Your Weebly Blog?

You'll notice that you can add some widgets or forms that Weebly makes available. For example, there's a Google AdSense widget for monetization.

However, some other add-on processes might need custom code that Weebly does not support yet.

You might want to create special effects, like my timer.

If this helped you learn how to code HTML into your free website on Weebly, or if you have further questions: please leave a comment and let me know. Thanks for reading about how to add custom HTML code to your free website under Weebly.
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    Weebly's "Blog Author" widget from the Blog Sidebar's Elements menu provides a lot of flexibility. You can change both the title and the text.

    It has all the capabilities for text editing that you find in most Weebly text widgets.

    At this point, I don't see a way to code any HTML in this widget.

    The "Picture" does what you expect: it displays an image of your choice. I just added my home-made picture of "Copyright DeHaan Services 2013" as the top element in this sidebar on Jan. 22, 2013.

    The "Search Box" is a "Pro" feature; if you're paying for Weebly hosting, it may be worthwhile.

    The other widgets are pre-programmed to do what they say.

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