Picture"The Enemy of the Predictive Turing Machine" by Mike DeHaan
My latest article in Decoded Science, "Free Will, Determinism and Turing's Halting Problem", explains Prof. Seth Lloyd's use of Turing Machines to explain why we feel that we have free will.

By the way, I'd already previewed my home-made image because I was in a hurry to establish copyright to that bit of creativity.

I've also publicized this article in my DeHaan Services blog's new "Can Turing's Halting Problem Address Free Will vs Determinism?".

One Writing Tip thanks to a Free-Will Editor

Months before I wrote "Free Will...", I'd already explained the basics of Turing Machines in a series of articles in Decoded Science.

However, one must not assume that every reader knows the background. That's especially true of Turing Machines in this article, since many readers might be drawn first to the "free will vs determinism" question.

So I touched on the bare details about Turing Machines and the Halting Problem.

I listed & linked back to all my previous articles at the end of this one. I also added a note to the editor that I knew this was not a good approach, but that some readers would need the reference material.

My editor brilliantly put the links to my previous articles into the "bare details" of background, rather than in a list at the end.

My second-hand writing tip, based on this free-willed editor's approach, is to follow suit. If you have background articles, and you touch on those topics in your new article, add that link in the background or introduction.

You could use the same approach in other places. If you've written about the classic "Dick and Jane" primary reader books, build in the links to the character pages.

"The book invites the reader to share in Dick and Jane's their first adventure. Just remember that Spot is a dog; you should not see spots before your eyes". (No, those are not real links from this article).

Remember that quoting the full title of an article intrudes more than a brief in-line link. The writing tip is to choose carefully, and be less intrusive for reference links back to your own articles.

Did you notice my sneaky link back to the "preview" article? No? For shame. Anyway, that's how to make a non-intrusive reference link.

Thanks for using your free will, or accepting your deterministic nature, in reading about their relationship to Turing's Halting Problem.

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