"Arts, Crafts and Entertainment at Guildwood Toronto in 2012" is the latest in my DeHaan Services series on annual Toronto events.

"Map of Guildwood Park, Toronto" image by Mike DeHaan from Google Maps
The map is better in my main article, which also explains the directions to find Guildwood Park in Scarborough.

The article highlights some of the attractions for this weekend festival.

Publicizing my Guildwood Park Arts Festival Article

My Xanga blog ("The Guild for Arts and Crafts") also promotes this article.

As well, it's in my one-stop-shopping Squidoo lens "...of Annual Toronto Events".

A Writing Tip from the Guildwood Arts Festival

This double writing tip echoes some previous ideas.

First, offer your reader something of value. The official "Guild Alive with Culture" web site gives the street address and mentions both the Guild Inn and Guildwood Park. This does not help anyone who does not already know the area. I marked up the map and added a lot of directions because people may need those details.

The second writing tip is to ask yourself, "Does my article or web site make assumptions"? The "Guild Alive..." site does not assume that people know the entertainers. (In retrospect, most of the festival web sites I've perused have been very good at linking to their performers' sites). However, the "Guild Alive..." site does not offer geographic guidance. Naturally, its developers knew where they were going. But might the Guild Arts and Crafts Festival attract anyone from out of town? My tip: be sure to cover the basics somewhere, and make it as easy to find as the culture festival in Guildwood Park,

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