The Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, and his brother Doug have finished their "Cut the Waist" challenge. I wrote about the lessons for the rest of us in "Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Ends One Cut the Waist Challenge".

"Mayor Rob Ford Outdoors at David Pecaut Square, Toronto" by West Annex News
Although I had already written one article, "Weight Loss Risks for Toronto Mayor Rob Ford", I thought that my DeHaan Fitness... site deserved closure.

Naturally, I also promote my article in DeHaan Services ("Lessons from Cut the Waist in Toronto") and in my Xanga blog ("How Well Toronto Mayor Ford Cut the Waist").

A Writing Tip from "Cut the Waist"

For once my tip comes from someone else. Apparently Councilor Doug Ford, the Mayor's brother, proposed the name "Cut the Waist".

If you hadn't followed the last Toronto municipal election, Rob Ford had campaigned to "stop the gravy train" at City Hall, and thus to cut wasteful spending.

Therefore the "Cut the Waist" diet challenge was a terrific pun on the politics, and very appropriate to the actual issue of losing weight.

From a diet and fitness viewpoint, as well as for the pun, the Ford brothers did miss the chance to actually measure their waistlines as well as their weights. Doing so would have completely and utterly sewn up the pun.

My writing tip is to get the most mileage possible from your clever wordplay. You do not have to use puns; but if you do, then be sure to make the most of them. If you're writing about car maintenance, you might mention shock absorbers and springs. If you then pun about doing this maintenance in the spring, then encourage people to spring into action. If you can add spring water to the mix, do that too.

That's the tip I would recommend to writers from the Toronto "Cut the Waist" challenge; dieters should read the other article for lessons found in Mayor Rob Ford's diet.

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