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"How to Turn a Business Trip into a Fitness Trip" is a guest article about maintaining your physical fitness while out of town on a business trip.

It's not an area where I have any special expertise, but certainly important for a number of my friends and acquaintances who travel regularly.

This article is in my "DeHaan Fitness..." site.

Picture"Downtown Toronto Gyms and Hotels" image by Mike DeHaan
I also publicized this in my DeHaan Services blog, in "Retain Fitness Despite Business Travel".

This allowed me to put a local spin into the content. The image shows what Google reported for "downtown Toronto gyms" and "downtown Toronto hotels". Any business traveler can use the same technique to map her best choice to combine accommodations with a nearby exercise facility.

One Local Writing Tip

At first I planned to comment about guest articles in this writing tip. I'd rather note the value of including local content in your articles.

First, let's be clear that some or all your content can and should be free of "local considerations". People travel all over the world; everyone cares about fitness. No matter what your writing niche may be, it may apply to readers anywhere on this planet.

But there are three reasons to include local content in some of your articles, or in a few places in each article.
  1. If you promote your own business, and it's a local business, then target your local audience.
  2. Keyword advertising often pays a premium for local phrases. Effectively, I may earn a bonus if my neighbour reads an ad for "hotels in Toronto" rather than for "hotels".
  3. If you are going to use an example in some location, why not make it a local location?
Let me explain a bit. "DeHaan Services" currently earns almost all its revenue internationally; but I want to grow the local business. Therefore I intentionally make local references to Toronto and the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). It's a self promotion tool, even if a given topic does not relate to my business.

Keyword advertising likes "long tail" phrases. You may read a general article about a "blah-blah product". That's a short-tail keyword (or key phrase). The local retailer who commissioned that article will insist on including "blah-blah product in Mytown". That's because people ready to buy the product will search for that "product in Mytown".

Check the double map I produced. Yes, I could have done the same for Manhatten or San Francisco; but I live in Toronto so I made the map for downtown Toronto. It had to be localized; so I made a choice.

So my "local writing tip" is to refer to your local situation when appropriate; even if your main topic is maintaining fitness while traveling.

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