As I report in "A defunct article about Five Manakin Birds", a now-defunct web site outdid themselves in same-day publication of my latest article.

Picture"Araripe Manakin Bird in Nest" by Hesperia2007
The Araripe Manakin chick pictured above is the most drab of the five images in the article.

I had actually wanted to write about another specific species, but could not find images that were available for commercial reuse.

Making sweet, sweet lemonade out of those lemons resulted in "5 Fascinating Species of South American Manakin Birds" in a site that no longer exists.

Writing Tips

The first tip was explicit in the above article.

Write about the material you have available. Don't whine about what you don't have.

The second tip was implicit, but very important for anyone writing for Internet consumption.

Images are really important for online articles and blogs. If you don't have at least one image, you probably don't need to write the article.

Ensure you have permission to use those images. Usually the important "filter" is "licensed for commercial reuse". It's "reuse" since you are re-using someone's image in your material. It's "commercial" if you, or the website where you publish, hopes to make any money out of online advertising or by any other means.

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