I publicized a one-time Toronto event in "Sample Some Sports at Ontario Summer Games 2012 in Toronto".

My DeHaan Fitness site had been neglected since Mayor Rob Ford's public weight-loss attempt ended and I wrote "Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Ends One Cut the Waist Challenge".

My new article is slanted towards encouraging people to begin or renew their personal fitness programs, using the best high school athletes in Ontario as their inspiration.

"Recreational Archery" image of and by ninahale( Nina Hale)
Archery is just one of the sports presented in the 2012 Ontario Summer Games in Toronto. Others include fencing and karate; baseball and softball; lacrosse and soccer; and many more.

My article provides the full list, with dates and venues in one compact and easy-to-read list.

Promoting my Ontario Summer Games 2012 Article

As usual, both my DeHaan Services ("Junior Sports Leaders in 2012 Ontario Summer Games in Toronto") and Xanga ("Toronto to Host Ontario Summer Games in August 2012") blogs promote my main article.

One Ontario Summer Games "Writing Tip"

Today's writing tip was inspired by my view of the way the editors of Readers Digest magazine work.

Recognize situations where the primary source gives too much information, or in a poor format. Then edit it down and make it as useful as possible.

In my view, the official site for the 2012 Ontario Summer Games thoroughly lists the events, venues, dates, and a lot more background material. However, it's split over two separate pages, and the length of the main page is pretty discouraging.

My improvement was to make a brief list, so it is a quick and easy read. If a reader already prefers a sport, she can quickly find it and decide whether to pursue it further.

So the writing tip is to think like an editor who wants to focus on serving a reader's immediate need. Be quick and accurate, like a fencer at the Ontario 2012 Summer Games in Toronto.

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