My latest Environmental Graffiti article asks the surprising question, "What Do Birds See with their Ultraviolet Vision?".

"The Very Picture of Bright Plumage" by turtlemom4bacon
Ultraviolet vision is turning up in more animals; first reindeer, and now birds.

As always, I also promote my article in DeHaan Services ("Does Ultraviolet Vision Help Birds?").

Writing Tip

Today's writing tip is a new variation on an old theme.

You can spot more interesting information as you broaden your interests. You will notice more news about those interesting topics, and be able to turn them into new articles.

Plus, you can link back to a previous article or two, as I did with "The Reindeer Superpower: Ultraviolet Vision". Just be sure you link into the same online magazine, not a competitor!

Bonus writing tip: As I'd noted before, it is wise to put a border around a picture to make it stand out from the background of a web page. I just do this with my images from spread sheets, but turtlemom4bacon does it with any images I've used from her Flickr gallery.

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