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Yes, the title is a pun on my usual section in Decoded Pregnancy: "Development". Let me quickly explain what I meant from a writing perspective.

Usually my Decoded Science articles about math include calculations. There's nothing like explaining how to use a math formula to people eager to understand the low probability of winning a lottery.

In Decoded Pregnancy, however, the articles often deal with statistics. My "Probability of Becoming Pregnant with Twins" mainly relies on the USA's statistics for multiple births for mothers of different age groups or ethnic backgrounds.

Later I publicized that article in my DeHaan Services blog, where "The Canadian Chance of Being Pregnant with Twins" added statistics from a professor at the University of British Columbia. (I like to include a Canadian twist to my DeHaan Services articles so I can promote them on ZoomIt...but that's another writing tip).

Gestational Age or Embryonic Age: a Small but Vital Difference

Later I wrote "Calculate Embryonic Age vs Gestational Age: Pregnancy Math". Finally, that article actually had a calculation, in one extremely simple equation.

Ectopic Pregnancy in the USA, Canada and the World

The most recent is "Probability of Ectopic Pregnancy: The Math Behind Atypical Implantation". Again, I returned to statistics for the math content of this article. Different risk factors lead to different likelihoods of ectopic pregnancy, which can be a life-threatening condition for the mother.

When I publicized both the age calculation and ectopic pregnancy articles in DeHaan Services ("A Pair of Articles about Math for Pregnancy"), I added some Canadian statistics.

One Writing Tip from Three Pregnancy Articles

The writing tip is to adapt your style and content to what your publisher needs.

The editor and publisher at Decoded Pregnancy want to include my articles that relate math and pregnancy. However, my usual explanations and examples of math formulae and calculations do not apply to many pregnancy situations.

Although one could argue that a discussion of statistical likelihood for medical conditions is more about "epidemiology" than mathematics, nonetheless it seems to be important for Decoded Pregnancy readers. Sometimes there is a simple formula; but not often. (For example, I did not find a formula for the probability of ectopic pregnancy by age or racial background).

You could, of course, decide to avoid a publication that cannot use your particular approach. That's a lot better than doing a bad job!

But if you can find a way to satisfy readers in a niche that sits outside your comfort zone, that's even better.

I approach many of my articles for Decoded Pregnancy with two questions. First: Is this topic worth covering, that those readers could find useful? Second: What is the right approach for this topic? (In my case, should I present computations or statistics)?

Thanks for reading about these pregnancy articles; have I decoded a useful writing tip today?

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