May I promote my current Suite 101 article, "Cities Mix Sugar Beet Juice with Road Salt as Highway Deicier".

I took a decisively environmental spin on the subject after explaining how the new technique works.

"Red Snow Plow Plowing Snow" image by ww3billard
Although the red snow plow is not terribly important in the article, it's a lovely graphic and more appropriate to the subject than a field of sugar beets.

Promoting my Sugar Beet Juice Article

As always, I also publicize the main article in DeHaan Services ("Toronto Tries Sugar Beet Deicing Fluid") and in my Xanga blog ("Sugar Beet Juice plus Salt Equals Less Ice on Roads").

Writing Tips

My first writing tip is to select the "spin", slant or approach for your article.

For my sugar beet juice article, my original plan was to simply report on an interesting new technique for deicing roads. However, as I checked the Suite 101 categories, I decided that the environmental impact was most appropriate. That gave me a requisite focus.

The second writing tip is a reminder from previous tips. I had selected this topic back in January, but led off with "Sugar Beet: Sugar Cane's Unsung Rival" in Environmental Graffiti. There was more than enough material to write about sugar beets and the sugar beet juice deicing technique in two articles, so I selected the most appropriate online magazine for each topic.

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