I began writing some Squidoo Lenses several months ago. (A "Lens" is Squidoo's name for "article"; it is supposed to be "focussed" on a topic). Perhaps the most important feature of Squidoo is that it blatantly includes author-generated advertising...in addition to whatever advertising the Squidoo site adds to each Lens.

Although it has a report page listing each of my Lenses, with its rank, number of visits, and earnings, I have never seen any earnings attached to a Lens. I believe this means that no-one has clicked through my self-authored Amazon advertising to buy goods.

Imagine my surprise when I noticed that I had earned 52 cents. Whoo-hoo! But it was completely unclear how this had occurred.

This month, the number more than doubled to $1.08. They also provide a breakdown of how the money was earned. In my case, half comes from the "ad pool", and most of the remainder from the "reserve hopper". Infolinks and Chitika trail the leaders.

So it seems that Squidoo does pay, even very minor authors, out of the advertising pool.

My second point of celebration: This week I had a record 19 visitors to the DeHaan Lens for Coat Racks. Come on over and check them out!

Image of a Coat Rack by jon_a_ross
4/19/2011 11:58:35 pm

Way to go, Mike! The amount you get from the ad pool is minuscule - frustratingly so - I prefer HubPages method where you a cut of the ad money directly and it's not divided among the million or so members of the site like Squidoo. I've made a couple of dollars through ads - I somehow managed to have one lens in the top tier for awhile which made my earnings higher...and I've sold a couple of things on Amazon and eBay, and that's where I've made the most money. My first paycheque from them was I believe $1.69 which wasn't even worth transferring to my bank account after the conversation rate and PayPal fee, but my earnings this month were $22.99, something I never thought I'd see...and could quite possibly never see again, who knows! lol Best of luck to you, I hope your earnings continue to rise!


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