"Map for Alexander the Great Parkette in Toronto" image by Mike DeHaan from Google Maps
The 2012 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon is such a big, annual autumn Toronto event that it deserves at least two articles.

In DeHaan Services, "Special Notes for the 2012 Toronto Waterfront Marathon" presents several options for spectators to view and enjoy the race. It presents some other notes, as well. The main focus is on the event, rather than on the athletics. You might wonder why a small "parkette" is featured in the DeHaan Services article, so go ahead and read it.

In contrast, the DeHaan Fitness "Seniors Running for Fitness and Glory in Toronto Marathon" article moves from two senior runners, Ed Whitlock and Fauja Singh, towards inspiring people of any age to begin and maintain personal fitness programs.

Publicity Fit for Twin Articles about the Waterfront Marathon in Toronto

Naturally my Xanga blog has an article, "Preview for the 2012 Toronto Waterfront Marathon", which covers similar promotional ground.

Let's Run through a Double-Barrel Writing Tip

If memory serves, I'm serving a second helping in this writing tip.

The 2012 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon truly provides far more material for articles than I could cover in a week.

The two articles that I did write have some minimal overlap. Certainly I researched both at the same time, and logged the notes together.

However, it would not make sense to emphasize an "autumn Toronto event" in my Fitness blog; nor to pursue both "seniors exercise" and "where to watch the marathon runners" in the same DeHaan Services article.

So, for an encore performance as a writing tip, consider writing multiple articles from one basic inspiration; but only when they will focus on different themes and potentially appeal to different audiences.

Hopefully my two approaches based on the single 2012 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon will toe the line I just set for "appeal".
Normally each of my DeHaan Services articles deserves its very own publicity piece, but sheer busy times force me to roll three into one.

The 2012 Ontario Summer Games in Toronto

"Recreational Archery" image of and by ninahale( Nina Hale)
Archery is but one of many sports being contested by young athletes during the Ontario Summer Games 2012, hosted by the city of Toronto.

"Junior Sports Leaders in 2012 Ontario Summer Games in Toronto" entices the reader to go to my more comprehensive DeHaan Fitness article, "Sample Some Sports at Ontario Summer Games 2012 in Toronto".

The Metro Toronto Zoo Hosts African Culture

"African Arts and Culture at the Metro Toronto Zoo in August 2012" is an exceptional article, only because it covers a well-established venue that really does not need publicity for itself.

The special culture and arts feature, however, only runs through the end of August; it deserves a nod and gets it as a one-time summer Toronto event in 2012.

Performing Arts at Toronto Libraries

Harbourfront Centre is hosting the "Planet IndigenUS" festival in August 2012. Two of the shows head for two separate Toronto library branches on Aug. 17, 2012. Each performance is refreshingly free.

The Polytoxic Dance Theatre performs downtown, while the "Rabbit and Bear Paws" show uses the North York Centre library as its venue.

My "Two Free Performances at Toronto Libraries on Aug. 17, 2012" covers them both, particularly answering the vexing questions of "where" and "when".

More Publicity for Three Articles

As always, my Xanga blog ("2012's Trifecta of Toronto Single Events") covers much the same material as this post.

Writing Tip for Selectinga Topic

Today's writing tip repeats an earlier one.

Select a topic by asking yourself, "What would interest my readers? What would benefit my readers"?

Each publicized article points out an event that might be interesting to some people in Toronto. These opportunities may not be well publicized by the hosting organizations; so it benefits both my reader and the organization if the article brings them more visitors.

Organizations that invest heavily in their own publicity don't particularly need my help. Conversely, I cannot imagine that anyone who notices my article about an event but not a full-page newspaper ad for that event...such a person wouldn't be interested in my article either.

This is my approach to selecting topics for the DeHaan Services "Toronto Events" category. What would people find interesting if only they knew about it? What would they not know about, if not for my article?
My nearest and dearest annual charity running event is the 5Km Toronto Challenge. This year I had an excuse to write two articles on this one topic.

"The Toronto Challenge for 5Km of Fitness" put the focus on fitness. The distance isn't extreme, and the organizers explicitly invite people to enter as walkers rather than as runners if they so choose. My DeHaan Fitness... site hosts this article.

On the other hand, "A Novel Route for the 2012 Toronto Challenge" presents this as an annual Toronto event in the summer. That approach is right up DeHaan Services' alley.

"Mike DeHaan in the final straightaway at the 2007 Toronto Challenge"
Surely one of the least flattering pictures I could imagine, but I'm sure it is an accurate representation.

Publicizing these Toronto Challenge Articles

As always, I promote my artcles in my Xanga blog ("Twin Articles for One Toronto Challenge").

One Toronto Challenge Writing Tip

While this writing tip might be a rerun, it's not too recent to mention.

Unless your idea cup overflows, consider every new concept from different angles. Can you do one unit of research to generate several articles? Is there so much material that it deserves to be a series?

For example, my recent Decoded Science series on Turing machines reflected the fact that there is a lot to say about that concept. Yet the ideas need to be presented in a logical sequence, so they should be in a series at one site.

Conversely, the Toronto Challenge presented several different, but simple, angles. One article looks at fitness, especially at a novice level. The other highlights an event, with a special note for the new route. They easily fit into different blogs. As well, they link to each other, thus providing extra publicity.

So when you start your next article, take a moment to ask whether you're up for the "challenge" of creating several uniquely different stories from one basic idea, much as I did with the Toronto Challenge.
I had neglected to properly promote four recent "Toronto Events" articles featured in my DeHaan Services site.

Cycling for the Rouge Valley

"Mike DeHaan as a Cyclist" image by Roger Horst
I wrote "Try Cycling in Toronto via the 19th Annual Ride for the Rouge" to publicize this annual fund raising event on behalf of the Rouge Valley Conservation Authority.

Check out the article to learn about their schedule, so you can be prepared for next year.

June Toronto Bike Month in Toronto

Actually, "Toronto Bike Month 2012 for Fitness and Events" reports accurately that Bike Month actually starts near the end of May. I was annoyed that I missed out on the opening day's pancake breakfast at City Hall.

Read the article to for more opportunities to join cycling tours and other events.

Toronto Bike Month inspired me to write a more general article, "Great Reasons to Bicycle in Spring 2012", in my DeHaan Fitness and Weight Control blog.

Scheduling the Centre Island Ferry in Toronto

The Toronto Islands offer terrific outdoor activities, including cycling, bicycle rentals, and the famous Centre Island amusement park.

Could City Hall possibly improve their schedule for ferry service? "Can the Toronto Centre Island Ferry Schedule be Improved?" says "Yes, and here's how".

DesiFEST at Yonge-Dundas Square

Yet another Toronto ethnic and cultural festival is highlighted in "Visit DesiFEST 2012 for a Free 12 Hour Concert".

If you're reading this, you missed it for 2012. Check the article for another East Indian festival coming later this summer at the same location. Also, save the same weekend in 2013 for another opportunity to enjoy South Asian culture.

One Writing Tip from Four Articles

This writing tip is obvious.

Once you have set up a process for publicizing your work, ensure that you stick to it.

Let your friends and followers know. Let the search engines crawl your "do follow" promotional pages.

If it was worth writing and publishing in the first place, it's worth promoting afterwards.
This article is neither magic nor geometry; it simply promotes five recent articles.

"Northern Snakehead Fish, or Channa argus" by brian.gratwicke
"Has the Northern Snakehead Fish Invaded British Columbia?" is still an unanswered question in Burnaby, BC. Naturalists are searching the lagoon to confirm or deny the presence of this invasive species.

Nonetheless, my Environmental Graffiti article includes background and images gleaned from other sources.

Two Articles in Double Fitness

I wrote "One Timely Weight Loss Tip" to summarize new research indicating that disciplined timing of meals can help one lose weight.

David Haas submitted a guest article, "Healthy Habits for Coping with Cancer", explaining why cancer patients should start or maintain a minimal exercise program.

My DeHaan Fitness and Weight Loss site had been in need of new articles, but not neglected since I continue to document Mayor Rob Ford's progress in his "Cut the Waist" challenge.

Double Posts in DeHaan Services

I wrote two articles in DeHaan Services for Toronto events.

My answer to "Can the Toronto Centre Island Ferry Schedule be Improved?" is "Yes"! They had not brought all the ferries into service in time for the Victoria Day weekend. Why wait until the next weekend to provide full service?

I stumbled into a promotion for DesiFEST, and decided to give them some publicity in "Visit DesiFEST 2012 for a Free 12 Hour Concert".

One 5-Pack Promotion in Xanga

I wrote one promotional entry in my Xanga blog for precisely the same reason that this Weebly article holds a fist full of publicity: I was too busy to write individual blog posts.

"5 DeHaan Articles in May 2012" covers precisely the same ground as this article.

A Single Writing Tip

Today's writing tip only relates to one of my articles: "Visit DesiFEST 2012 for a Free 12 Hour Concert".

The tip is to plan your content before simply writing an article or making a blog entry. This applies even to simple, personal articles; but it is more important if you do research and expect to have your facts straight.

I had to make three trivial updates to that article.

  1. Although I had checked the TTC home page for warnings of service interruptions, I had to go back and update the article because the Yonge subway really is closed downtown this weekend. (Only the Yonge line from Bloor to Union; you can take the University line instead).
  2. I forgot that Rogers supplies internet, as well as cable TV and cell telephone service.
  3. Most foolishly, I forgot the disclaimer that I don't have a financial interest in the event.
I do blame the way the TTC home page avoided mentioning the planned work; it was noted on the page for the Dundas 505 streetcar instead. The other two were avoidable mistakes, and I should have been more thoughtful from the start.

Learn from my mistakes, and apply this writing tip to your own articles!

Thanks for reading my publicity for: snakehead fish in Burnaby, BC; timing meals as a weight loss tip; maintaining fitness despite having cancer; improving the Toronto Island ferry schedule; and noting a free South Asian festival in Toronto.

Some may remember that I had posted a pictorial in Environmental Graffiti called "TorontoHenge: When City Grids Align with the Sun" in October of 2011.

As the year spins, so do opportunities for capturing sunrise or sunset in conditions similar to Stonehenge.

This is my preview of the images for my next article, "Torontohenge Imperfect in 2012".

"TorontoHenge Apr 2012 #1" by Mike DeHaan
All the comments will be in the article.

"TorontoHenge Apr 2012 #2" by Mike DeHaan
Therefore these pictures are presented without discussion.

"TorontoHenge Apr 2012 #3" by Mike DeHaan
Do they speak for themselves?

"TorontoHenge Apr 2012 #4" by Mike DeHaan
Will anyone wade through them to read the writing tips?

"TorontoHenge Apr 2012 #5" by Mike DeHaan
Feel free to leave a comment if you are underwhelmed.

"TorontoHenge Apr 2012 #6" by Mike DeHaan
Of course, I would take more pleasure in approving comments.

"TorontoHenge Apr 2012 #7" by Mike DeHaan
Here is the penultimate image for this blog post.

"TorontoHenge Apr 2012 #8" by Mike DeHaan
Was it all worth the effort?

Would you also see my promotional articles in DeHaan Services ("A Disappointing TorontoHenge for April 2012") and in my Xanga blog ("Making Use of a Poor TorontoHenge in April 2012")?

Writing Tips

Today has a double writing tip.

Online articles need images. Sometimes the best images are those you take yourself.

Ensure you first publish your images online in a site where you can demonstrate your ownership. I use my Blog of Writing, since it also serves as a blog post and as publicity for my article. Many people use Flickr or some other online image publishing site.

Taking my own pictures of TorontoHenge in April 2012 was fun, easy and an excuse to wake up at 4:30am.
Today we publicize two related articles at two sites.

(Updated Oct. 30, 2012): We just published a third article, "Emerald Ash Borer Closes Parks for Tree Removal in Oakville".

The Emerald Ash Borer in Environmental Graffiti

"Adult Emerald Ash Borer" by cham0138
Reviewing my Environmental Graffiti article, "How the Emerald Ash Borer Threatens North American Ash Trees", one sees the emphasis on the insect rather than the tree.

Suite 101 and the Ash Tree

"Sandy Spring Ash Tree in Maryland USA" by Carly & Art
Differentiated from the other article, in Suite 101 "Important North American Ash Trees Invaded by Emerald Ash Borers" starts by looking at the ash tree.

Of course I also publicized these articles in DeHaan Services. As usual, "Complementary Reports on the Emerald Ash Borer and Ash Trees" has no bonus information.

(Updated Oct. 30, 2012): As is now my custom, my Xanga blog ("Return of the Emerald Ash Borer") also publicizes my articles.

Writing Tips

Today's writing tip is that you can re-use your own research and write multiple articles, so long as you ensure they are distinct!

In this case, one article took aim at the Emerald Ash Borer and the other article's focus was the Ash Tree.

(Updated Oct. 30, 2012): The new DeHaan Services article's focus is on a specific news release in Oakville Ontario.
Here is a preview of two images that should be included in my "Cantor Defeated Galileo in the Battle of Infinite Numbers" in Decoded Science.

"Uncountable Real Numbers" by Mike DeHaan
Cantor used a diagonal argument to prove that Real numbers cannot be counted.

Cantor demonstrated that a set of "tuples" of numbers, like { (1, 2), (3, 1) }, could be counted. Here again he used a diagonal.

My article has also been publicized in my DeHaan Services blog; you may peruse "Who Had the Larger Infinity, Galileo or Cantor?".

Writing Tips

Today's writing tip might repeat a concept I introduced previously, but I really like it.

Extend your research and write follow-up articles based on your current work.

In this case, I stumbled into Cantor's non-countable infinity while researching Galileo's infinity for last week's article ("The Paradox of the Infinite Series of Squares Numbers by Galileo").

As well, the current article provided ideas for several follow-up articles as well.

My Decoded Science article for July 25th is "How to Find Limits of Mathematical Functions".

Preview of My Original Images

"The Need for Limits" by Mike DeHaan
Entitled "The Need for Limits", I built this from an Excel spreadsheet.

"Achilles Distance as Function of the Gap" by Mike DeHaan
Spreadsheet graphics are also featured here, as well as a few touch-ups in Paint.

As usual, I WILL promote my article in my DeHaan Services blog. That entry is "What do La Niña and Mathematical Limits Have in Common?".

As well, my DeHaan Directory page, DeHaan Writing, graciously provides a link to the primary article.

Writing Tips

It is said that in the army, sergeants "Tell you what I'm going to tell you; tell you; and tell you what I just told you". These writing tips will be oddly familiar to my regular readers.

The first writing tip is about making your own images if necessary. I used Microsoft Excel and Paint for the above images.

The second writing tip is to publish original images at a site where you have the obvious copyright, before publishing at other sites. That just proves that you made the image.

The third and fourth writing tips are: to promote yourself, and to re-use images, where appropriate. My new article links back to my previous "Zeno's Paradox of Achilles and the Tortoise" article, and re-uses one of its images.

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