_Today Decoded Science published my "Taste of the 2012 Joint Mathematics Awards and Prizes". I'm pleased to say it is the first official "news" article I have written anywhere.

"Professor of Statistics and Mathematics Persi Diaconis", picture by Persi Diaconis
_Decoded Science is privy to press releases from various science bodies, so it can report on news as it becomes available. It also has "news provider" status with Google. The Decoded Science standard is to conduct and include an exclusive interview for its "Headline" category of news articles.

As always, my article is publicized in DeHaan Services ("Prizes Awarded at the Joint Mathematics Convention, Jan. 5, 2012") and in Xanga ("Recognition for Mathematicians at Annual Convention in Jan. 2012"), simply to offer more readers the chance to find the main article.

Writing Tip

_Today's writing tip involves news reporting.

Google sets and maintains its standards for what constitutes "news", and reports such articles in its search results. Online writers who want to contribute "recognized" news articles, and receive the quick uptake of extra page views, might best learn this craft by contributing to online magazine sites that already have this relationship with Google.

Here is a bonus writing tip. Always find some way to add value for your reader. Often I try to find an unusual relationship among items in a news release, but an unquestionable bonus is the exclusive interview.

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