Once again, I wrote two articles by following up some research on one primary subject.

Butterbur as Medication in Suite 101

"Common Butterbur" by Marco Hebing
Butterbur may be an interesting plant, but part of the interest is due to its history as a medical herb. Modern research has found some new uses or confirmed old ones.

"The Potential of Butterbur in Alternative Medicine" presents a brief survey of its potential.

Butterbur, the Plant, in Environmental Graffiti

"Irish Butterbur" by _foxy
Butterbur is introduced for its own sake, as a plant, in my article, "Butterbur: The Versatile Plant with a Rich History in Herblore", in Environmental Graffiti. (I'd submitted it earlier, but it was been held up by Canada Day celebrations and an editor's keen eye for detail. The article went live on July 5th).

Other Promotions for my Butterbur Articles

As always, I have also promoted these articles in my DeHaan Services blog. Today's article is "Butterbur, the Plant of Many Names and Great Potential".

Writing Tip (Redux)

As I've tipped before, I will tip again.

If at all possible, use one research effort to produce multiple articles.

Do ensure that the focus of each article is different. As you can tell from my articles above, one looks at medical uses and the other at the botanical information.

As well, I had checked for prior Suite 101 articles that mentioned "butterbur". Each had started with a medical symptom, and introduced butterbur as one remedy among many. That is indeed a smart way of approaching medical issues. It was not how I started, and so I presented a different slant.
9/5/2012 07:25:42 pm

wow .. your article is very good indeed, I was very impressed .. thanks


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