Picture"Draw One of Three in a Lottery" : Image by Mike DeHaan
Here is yet another incomplete draft blog post.

The goal is to stake my copyright claim on my original image, and also to publicize an as-yet-unpublished article.

As it turns out, I have to defer publicizing this image's article until an introductory article is published.

As always, the point of a preview is to stake my copyright claim on the artwork.

The first article is "The Lottery Paradox Versus the Math of Probability". People can have paradoxical beliefs about a raffle. Each single ticket is "sure to lose", so logic implies that there will be no winner. but the raffle guarantees that one ticket will win. Can we believe both contradictory statements at once?

My second article has yet to be published.

Picture"Probability Equation for the Binomial Distribution" : Image by Mike DeHaan
Sometimes it helps to print a math formula as a picture, rather than typing it in an HTML editor.

Picture"Probability of n of 20 Heads" : Image by Mike DeHaan
A spreadsheet can draw a graph if the data is not too complicated.

Picture"Binomial Distribution Probability of Zero Successes"
Here is another formula being simplified. Note the use of superscripts. I also dragged groups of characters around the picture to make this work.

Picture"Graph for Limit Approaching 1/e" : Image by Mike DeHaan

More Publicity for my Article

Once my article is published, there will be a publicity post in both DeHaan Services () and in my Xanga blog ().

A Writing Tip based on my Article

Once my article has been published, I will add a writing tip here.

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