My newest article in Environmental Graffiti is "How Disposable Diapers Are Being Recycled into Plastic Roof Tiles".

Despite this eye-catching image, they don't recycle nappies into cakes. (Those are never-soiled diapers)!

However, my article highlights a new way to save space in landfills and make good use of waste material.

As always, I also promote my article in DeHaan Services ("Recycle Disposable Diapers into Roofing Tiles").

Writing Tip

Today's writing tip is to seek, notice and publicize good news whenever it is available, and especially if people can hope to benefit from it.

There is a lot of doom and gloom on the environmental scene, but this company is actually in business and is making a positive difference.
Suprisingly, I have published two DeHaan Fitness and Weight Control articles in a row.

"Stopwatch" by smaedli (Chad Kainz)
"Tradeoffs for Running Speed versus Training Distance" explains why a runner must choose wisely between pushing for a fast pace or for a long distance in any one training run.

As usual, I also promoted this article in DeHaan Services ("Run Faster or Run Farther?").

Writing Tip

Today's writing tip may have been implied before.

Take inspiration from everyday events. You're interested enough to experience your own life; notice what's important and find a way to share.

In this case, I realized that some very different people had touched on similar issues, and that I could contribute to others with the same questions.
The latest article at my DeHaan Fitness and Weight Control site is "Preventing or Treating Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness".

"Rome Marathon 2010" by Giulio Menna
Delayed onset muscle soreness is a common phenomenon. My article deals with both prevention and treatment.

As always, I also publicize my article in DeHaan Services ("Battling the Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness Syndrome").

Writing Tips

I believe one of today's writing tips is new, but I'm sure the other is a worthy rerun.

I re-used the image from a completely different article specifically about running a marathon. At least I had the grace to mention marathon running in this new article. Writing tip: it saves time if you can re-use an image.

My inspiration for this article was a science/health report on delayed onset muscle fitness; then I quickly realized I could add more to that author's points. Writing tip: be aware that you may be able to add your own background to anything you read or learn, and thus create a new, viable and worthwhile article yourself.
My home laboratory experiment at Decoded Science is one of my favourites. "Motivate Repulsive Grapes with Neodymium Magnets" shows how to make the least out of your rare-earth magnet.

"Well Balanced Grapes" by Mike DeHaan
Standard practice calls for me to publish any pictures that I myself take, at a site that I control. This helps to establish copyright.

"Suspended Grapes" by Mike DeHaan
Portrait and landscape images of the same item might be helpful to the reader. They also give more options to the editor, who might choose to eliminate one.

"Repulse the Grapes" by Mike DeHaan
As always, I also publicize my article in DeHaan Services. ("Test Your Rare-Earth Magnet by Repelling Grapes").

Hockey fans will understand that this does not refer to Don Cherry, aka "Grapes", of the Hockey Night in Canada segment Coach's Corner.

Writing Tips

Although I don't remember where I first encountered the concept of diamagnetism, I did try the experiment for the sheer fun of it. It is great fun.

These two writing tips are simple.

Write about what you know and what you enjoy.

Make the title at least somewhat provocative. Honestly, the grapes are only repulsive to a powerful neodymium magnet, but not to me.
My latest Suite 101 article, "Facts and Opinions about Raw Milk Versus Pasteurized Cow Milk", may irritate a few readers with strong opinions on the subject.

"Afghans Prepare to Pasteurize Milk" by isafmedia
Nonetheless, it is controversial in several countries.

My article uses facts and opinions, but stays away from culinary comparisons.

I love the way this image illustrates the universal desire for safe food.

As always, the article is also publicized in DeHaan Services ("The Raw Milk Controversy at Suite 101").

Writing Tip

I recognized the value of this topic because:

So today's writing tip is to remain open and receptive to topic ideas, especially when they arrive from multiple sources.

What's the buzz among your friends? What garners headlines? What have you researched recently?
My first Decoded Science article in October is "A Guide from Natural to Imaginary and Infinite Numbers".

"Negative Temperature" by C Jill Reed
Previously "A Quick Reference Guide to the Set of Natural Numbers" had introduced Natural numbers, the set N = {0, 1, 2, 3...}. The new article shows how different arithmetic operations require new and different sets of numbers.

As always, I also promoted this article in my DeHaan Services blog ("Beyond the Bounds of Natural Numbers at Decoded Science").

"Polar Coordinates" by Mike DeHaan
Updated Oct. 10, 2011 with an original image for a later Mathematics article.

Writing Tip

I'm sure that you've seen this writing tip before, but it bears repeating.

Set up a series of articles: it saves time.

You should save time because you don't need to rack your brain for new topics. You definitely save time if you just continue your research in one session. You might save time if you can re-use images. If you absolutely need to pad your word count, remember that you have to recap just a bit, include a back-link, and perhaps add a tease for the next article.
"good bugs (probiotics)" by Simon Goldenberg
Advertising has played up the weight-busting power of probiotic yoghurt, but eventually I asked myself "What in the world does this really mean"?

Naturally I also publicized this article in DeHaan Services ("Quick Reference Guide to Probiotics and Prebiotics").

Writing Tips

Today's writing tips are for any writers who can do some research.

First, get inspired by asking yourself "What is really going on?" when you encounter something. This is especially useful if advertising expects you to believe a claim that you never had realized could exist.

Second, if you use Google, include after the terms you're seeking. Google will limit (most) of the results to educational institutions. You still need to read the article and figure out whether it makes sense, but this weeds out gazillions of unreliable sources.

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