My fifth article at Decoded Science is "How to Change Triangular Numbers into Square Numbers".
"Four-Ten Triangle" by Mike DeHaan
Although not many people could spout a definition of a triangular number, they are easy to spot.

"Ten Pin Bowling" by DJ-Dwayne
Professional pin-setters, for example, easy spotted (or "placed") ten-pin bowling pins in a triangular pattern. (There are ten pins in total, with 4 on each side. The fourth triangular number is 10).

My article at Decoded Science explains the rules to calculate triangular numbers, and their unusual relationship to square numbers.

Of course, I also promote this article in "Triangular Numbers can Create Square Numbers" at DeHaan Services.

Today "Introducing Fragaria : The Three Varieties of Strawberry" was published at Environmental Graffiti.

"Strawberry in a Field at Erdbeerfeld"
Strawberries are a staple summer fruit. My article introduces the strawberry family, Fragaria, which includes the common strawberry, the garden strawberry and the woodland strawberry.

Read more about the namesake ingredient in strawberry shortcake!

As a rule, I also shout out to my promotional article at DeHaan Services, even though it really does not add much to this promotion.

Writing Tip: Time seasonal articles to appear just before the event: in this case, before the planting or harvesting seasons.

Writing Tip: Write articles that have annual value. With any luck, this article will be referenced each year as people search for background information before buying plants for their garden or after eating strawberry desserts.

I'm simply posting three images for an upcoming article in Decoded Science. (Presumably I will include the link to that article once it is published).

Edited June 8th:

Now that "How to Change Triangular Numbers into Square Numbers" has been published, here is the link.

"Fourth Cohort Triangle" by Mike DeHaan

Here is a triangle made of four rows of pennies.

"Triangle to Square of Four" by Mike DeHaan

This image shows a pair of figures mapped to a third shape.

"Triangle to Square of Nine" by Mike DeHaan

If you had not read the captions, would you see the relationship between the second and third images?

Writing Tips:
Create your own images when necessary. The article will have another image found on the web. I simply could not imagine how to search for anything like the last two.

Even as simple a tool as Microsoft Paint crops and annotates images taken with a digital camera. If I had remembered the "crop" feature, I could have taken less fuzzy images in the first place.

During the spring of 2011, I noticed that people are reading several of my articles about outdoor insect pests. I assume that many want to learn how to avoid these pesky insects, or how to eradicate insects from their gardens.

Here is my list:

  • Assassin Bug
  • Deer Tick
  • Earwig
  • Mosquito
  • Stink Bug
Garden insects, agricultural pests and disease-spreading insects receive headlines every year. Whether your concern is personal health or taking care of your garden, you should be aware of these insects.

Here is a quick summary of my "top five" outdoor insect pests, and the earlier articles where you can read more.

The Assassin Bug

"Assassin Bug" by ibsut

The Assassin bug is aptly named, since other insects find it a fearsome predator.

It is considered a beneficial insect since it kills a number of other insect pests.

However, my "How The Helpful Assassin Bug Can Also Spread Harmful Disease" article points out that it can indeed carry some diseases. In the warmer regions of the Americas, the "kissing bug" includes humans among its potential victims. It can spread Chagas disease, also known as Trypanosomiasis or sleeping sickness.

Deer Ticks Spread Lyme Disease

"Deer Tick on a Leaf" by Scott Bauer (USDA ARS)

The Deer Tick gets a lot of press every year due to Lyme Disease.

Since they are found in woodlands rather than in gardens, the main trick is avoiding them.

Whether hiking, camping or canoeing in forests infested by "blacklegged ticks", primary defenses include tucking your pant legs into your boots, having snug-fitting cuffs on your long sleeves, and dousing yourself with a DEET-based repellant. Checking for hitchhikers the size of a poppy-seed is an important daily ritual.

Lyme disease usually starts with a target-shaped rash. Prompt medical attention is important; so is explaining where and when you might have become infected.

My articles, "How Deer Ticks Spread Lyme Disease" and "Defeating Lyme Disease Transmitted By Deer Ticks" provide more information.

The Schizophrenic Earwig

"Earwig on a Leaf" by Gilles Gonthier

The Earwig has two personalities, at least as far as whether it is a pest or a beneficial insect.

At best, it helps to mulch your compost and to control aphids as well as some other insect pests.

When they move indoors, they become more of a problem. In Suite 101, "The Earwig: A Best Friend To The Garden Or A Health Hazard?" explains how to deal with indoor earwigs.

My Environmental Graffiti article, "The Secret Life of the Earwig" gives some more background about this fascinating insect.


"Mosquito Bites Human!" by aussiegall
The Mosquito may outrank the ant or the bee as the insect most familiar to least, as an annoying insect pest. Mere mosquito bites may itch, but are not normally a health risk.

The mosquito gets into headline news as the carrier of West Nile Virus. This virus kills birds, and is a nasty disease for people also.

DEET insecticide, along with long sleeves and trousers are the final human defenses. Governments and individuals should limit the breeding opportunities for these insects.

Both of my articles, "Californian Mosquitos Killing Off Crows With West Nile Virus" and "The West Nile Virus Triangle: Mosquitos, Crows and People" used the disease angle to get at what people should do to protect themselves.

Stink Bugs

"Stink bug on mandarin" by aussiegall

I have been amazed that my Stink Bug articles sometimes received more attention than those I wrote about bedbugs (wait for another Blog of Writing post for bedbugs!).

Most of that attention was from the Eastern United States, where the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug is an invasive species. As an outdoor insect pest, it is mainly an agricultural problem. It moves indoors in the autumn, and that is when people begin to really notice them.

My Stink Bug articles are "Stink Bugs or Shield Bug, Please Eliminate This Insect Pest!" and "The Stink Bug Inside and Out".

A8 "Brown Marmorated Stink Bug" by OpenCage

The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug", pictured above, is the one causing the "stink" in the USA.

By the way, "marmorated" means that it looks like a slab of marble.

What annoying outdoor insect pests did I miss? Please write me a comment! Thanks.

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