"Three Clocks ready for Daylight Savings Time" image by servus
We all need a timely reminder to "Launch Daylight Savings Time 2013 in Canada and in the USA". It provides the dates to leap ahead for spring 2013.

In fact, this latest aricle in DeHaan Services is a public service announcement for Europeans as well. To paraphrase Fermat's comment about his famous Last Theorem, "...but the title is too small to contain it".

By the way, when I began writing this post, Weebly couldn't process some features, including links and text colour. I logged out and back in; voila, we have formatting features again.

One Timely Writing Tip about Scope

Regular readers of this blog know that many of my DeHaan Services articles deal with annual Toronto events rather than addressing national or global events.

Some blogs are "hyper-local"; they may focus on a neighbourhood within a city. That follows the model of the local free weekly paper, that survives on advertising from neighbourhood merchants and real estate dealers.

This article is an experiment in reaching a wider audience on a subject that affects almost all of us. Will it reach a wider audience, or be lost in the cacophony of helpful articles that everyone else can write?

Today's writing tip is to deliberately experiment with the scope of your articles. If you normally aspire to be the voice "heard around the world", try narrowing your focus in a few articles. You might become a more authoritative voice by doing so.

On the other hand, if you've restricted your scope, consider reaching out to a broader audience in some articles. Perhaps you could generalize from a particular. For example, an ecologist whose focus is the local watershed might draw comparisons with the Keystone pipeline proposal, or with aquifers that may be drying up in the central United States and also in Australia. (I'm not sure that these examples are actually happening; they're just examples).

I, for one, will keep a close "watch" on the success of my "spring 2013 Daylight Savings Time" article.

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