I have feedback from my two active clients, so I need to continue working on the articles and book for them.

Yesterday I posted a quick article about the Firestick Cactus here. Today I need to "publicize" it, or rather bookmark it where most people will not "stumble upon" or "digg" the reference. Later this article's SERP (Search Engine Results Page) data will be compared to my prior search-leading articles. That should indicate whether I have a future in writing articles in niche blogs rather than being tied to article sites.

I will attend a meeting today to initiate a Wordpress project for a new client.

All these tasks have high priority and high urgency. Unfortunately they keep me away from pursuing new articles.

This was the first time I have pulled a "nearly all-night" session to catch up on the one client's book. I think that I have retained some critical editing ability despite the lack of sleep.
The firestick cactus is known by many names: the Indian tree spurge, the milk bush, the naked lady and the pencil tree.

This succulent cactus has a corrosive, dangerous, irritating, or downright toxic sap. The word "succulent" simply means that this plant is juicy with these fluids.

Part of the danger is that the firestick cactus is easily bruised, so the milky sap can easily be liberated from the plant.

In the summer of 2010, Pastor Rick Warren received hospital treatment after getting some firestick cactus sap in his eyes. The author of "The Purpose-Driven Life" had apparently been gardening.

Firestick Cactus by Atamari

The Best Growing Conditions for the Firestick Cactus

Gardeners talk about "cactus-friendly" potting soil; that's the "right stuff" here.

Firestick cactus likes sunshine and dry warmth. The thick leaves hoard moisture, although it appreciates a little rain or watering if the ground becomes bone dry.

Southern California and similar climate zones are good for this naked lady cactus. She dislikes frost or cold rainy winters.

Firestick Cactus by H. Zell

Pastor Warren may have been pruning his Indian tree spurge, which does have a tendency to grow tall and top-heavy. He probably took the sensible precaution of wearing gloves before dealing with his firestick cactus, but likely rubbed his forehead and put a few drops of its dangerous sap onto his forehead.

Its intense colours make the firestick cactus a strikingly beautiful, if dangerous, addition to a hot arid garden.

[Mike has written two other articles on this subject.
Firestick Cactus: The Plant with Acid Sap! told much the same story, while The Firestick Cactus: Garden With Care provides more of a slant towards science and gardening].

In my opinion, it is too early to determine whether the changes made by Google to its search algorithm will hurt the revenue I earn through Environmental Graffiti or Suite 101. The main reason is that these are not very profitable for me, anyway.

On the other hand, many online writers and some webmasters, there and other places, are very concerned. That concern could lead to new business models, and probably changes to my approach.

One amusing note is that the words "trivial post", which I have used heavily in my very tiny trivial posts on my Weebly Xperimental Blog, deliver several extremely high search results for my blog entries. It is nothing to brag about, but there are some 13.7 million results for that query. Without any effort, my blog entries rank near the top.

This pushes me to think seriously about what else I should be writing, where I should write it, and how to monetize it.

I just learned that I need to "highlight" the list entry for this page, which I had named "Blog Entry #1...", and then click "new blog entry".

This information is needed for my Xperimental Blog's Weebly Discoveries page...and I need to make that a link.

This is an experiment within my "DeHaan Blog of Writing".

I had been writing new "pages" in this Weebly site. Today I clicked on the "New Post" button rather than the "New Page". It seems that this is being handled as a blog entry, rather than as a page.

It remains to be seen how much this improves this site.

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