"Photo of a Groundhog in Toronto, Ontario" by qmnonic (Matt MacGillivray)
Just what is Groundhog Day? What Groundhog Day activities do North Americans celebrate?

"The 2013 Groundhog Day in Canada and the USA" answers all these questions, and more.

One Well-Grounded Writing Tip

Many blog writers and online journalists pursue the latest trends, chasing news items as they become popular.

Today's writing tip is to include seasonal and annual events in your writing mix. They should become popular once a year without any additional effort on your part. However, you may need to update some of the information annually.

This groundhog article certainly received quite a few visits for the first few days of February 2013. I'm not sure whether I will add another update at the front for 2014, or write a completely new article.

An article about indoors Christmas decorations, or perhaps introducing Kwanzaa holiday entertaining, will only be popular for a few weeks in the year. But it might be very popular during that time.

Meanwhile, an article that combines nutrition with a special day might earn readers all year long, but with a spike at the right time. "Choosing Chocolate or Carob as a Valentines Day Gift" is an example.

Remember that events on a lunar calendar drift across months, while most annual events in the familiar Gregorian calendar change the day of the week. Others are pinned to a specific day, so the date changes from year to year. Examples include:

  • "Celebrating the 2012 Hanukkah in Toronto" is a lunar event; so are Easter, Chinese New Year, and Ramadan.
  • Canada Day or the American Fourth of July dates fall onto whatever day of the week they happen to land. However, the national holiday might be pushed or pulled to make a long weekend. That information
  • The American Presidents Day holiday was originally Washington's Birthday, but is now celebrated on the 3rd Monday of February. I've noticed that many annual races in Toronto follow the pattern of being the nth Sunday of a particular month...even if there is no holiday associated with it. Canadian Thanksgiving follows a similar pattern.
To summarize the well-grounded writing tip based on celebrating Groundhog Day in Canada: include annual events in your mix of articles; make updates each year if needed.

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