Normally each of my DeHaan Services articles deserves its very own publicity piece, but sheer busy times force me to roll three into one.

The 2012 Ontario Summer Games in Toronto

"Recreational Archery" image of and by ninahale( Nina Hale)
Archery is but one of many sports being contested by young athletes during the Ontario Summer Games 2012, hosted by the city of Toronto.

"Junior Sports Leaders in 2012 Ontario Summer Games in Toronto" entices the reader to go to my more comprehensive DeHaan Fitness article, "Sample Some Sports at Ontario Summer Games 2012 in Toronto".

The Metro Toronto Zoo Hosts African Culture

"African Arts and Culture at the Metro Toronto Zoo in August 2012" is an exceptional article, only because it covers a well-established venue that really does not need publicity for itself.

The special culture and arts feature, however, only runs through the end of August; it deserves a nod and gets it as a one-time summer Toronto event in 2012.

Performing Arts at Toronto Libraries

Harbourfront Centre is hosting the "Planet IndigenUS" festival in August 2012. Two of the shows head for two separate Toronto library branches on Aug. 17, 2012. Each performance is refreshingly free.

The Polytoxic Dance Theatre performs downtown, while the "Rabbit and Bear Paws" show uses the North York Centre library as its venue.

My "Two Free Performances at Toronto Libraries on Aug. 17, 2012" covers them both, particularly answering the vexing questions of "where" and "when".

More Publicity for Three Articles

As always, my Xanga blog ("2012's Trifecta of Toronto Single Events") covers much the same material as this post.

Writing Tip for Selectinga Topic

Today's writing tip repeats an earlier one.

Select a topic by asking yourself, "What would interest my readers? What would benefit my readers"?

Each publicized article points out an event that might be interesting to some people in Toronto. These opportunities may not be well publicized by the hosting organizations; so it benefits both my reader and the organization if the article brings them more visitors.

Organizations that invest heavily in their own publicity don't particularly need my help. Conversely, I cannot imagine that anyone who notices my article about an event but not a full-page newspaper ad for that event...such a person wouldn't be interested in my article either.

This is my approach to selecting topics for the DeHaan Services "Toronto Events" category. What would people find interesting if only they knew about it? What would they not know about, if not for my article?

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