Picture"Hiking in Wisconsin" image by Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Recently I published "5 Outdoor Activities to Help You Stay Fit", by guest author Alexandre Duval, in my DeHaan Fitness... blog.

I usually publicize those fitness and health articles in DeHaan Services, but realized I could do so with a stand-alone blog post. That led to "Burn Calories by Walking or Hiking for Summer Fitness".

Four Writing Tips from a Guest Post

For once we have four writing tips blab'

First, notice that the guest article uses a number in the title. "5 Outdoor Activities..." promises that the article makes five points. This is becoming a standard for many bloggers, largely because readers like to know that the writer actually has limited his (or her) scope.

Second, I made one of the five outdoor activities the focus for my article...but doubled it to "walking and hiking" because they are related but not identical. Then I added more detail so the DeHaan Services article provides value on its own.

Third, I avoided naming the other four outdoor activities. If a reader really likes the walking and hiking article, he or she may be more inclined to navigate to the DeHaan Fitness article to see what else is available.

Fourth and finally, this is a good example of taking inspiration from another writer. In fact, the guest author and his article were suggested by a publicist; my only creative input was to ensure the article would fit the focus of my fitness blog. Once I read it, I recognized a new horizon of relevant topics for DeHaan Fitness.

Thanks for reading about summer outdoor fitness, walking and this latest set of writing tips.
Shawn Michaels
3/1/2017 10:17:03 pm


I have an idea for an article titled ‘5 Tips To Boost Your Rock Climbing Experience’ for your website. I think your audience would love to
read it.

Would you be willing to take a look at it?

If not, I can write on any other topic you require.

Shawn Michaels

P.s. The post will also be shared with my 37K Twitter followers.


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