I had neglected to properly promote four recent "Toronto Events" articles featured in my DeHaan Services site.

Cycling for the Rouge Valley

"Mike DeHaan as a Cyclist" image by Roger Horst
I wrote "Try Cycling in Toronto via the 19th Annual Ride for the Rouge" to publicize this annual fund raising event on behalf of the Rouge Valley Conservation Authority.

Check out the article to learn about their schedule, so you can be prepared for next year.

June Toronto Bike Month in Toronto

Actually, "Toronto Bike Month 2012 for Fitness and Events" reports accurately that Bike Month actually starts near the end of May. I was annoyed that I missed out on the opening day's pancake breakfast at City Hall.

Read the article to for more opportunities to join cycling tours and other events.

Toronto Bike Month inspired me to write a more general article, "Great Reasons to Bicycle in Spring 2012", in my DeHaan Fitness and Weight Control blog.

Scheduling the Centre Island Ferry in Toronto

The Toronto Islands offer terrific outdoor activities, including cycling, bicycle rentals, and the famous Centre Island amusement park.

Could City Hall possibly improve their schedule for ferry service? "Can the Toronto Centre Island Ferry Schedule be Improved?" says "Yes, and here's how".

DesiFEST at Yonge-Dundas Square

Yet another Toronto ethnic and cultural festival is highlighted in "Visit DesiFEST 2012 for a Free 12 Hour Concert".

If you're reading this, you missed it for 2012. Check the article for another East Indian festival coming later this summer at the same location. Also, save the same weekend in 2013 for another opportunity to enjoy South Asian culture.

One Writing Tip from Four Articles

This writing tip is obvious.

Once you have set up a process for publicizing your work, ensure that you stick to it.

Let your friends and followers know. Let the search engines crawl your "do follow" promotional pages.

If it was worth writing and publishing in the first place, it's worth promoting afterwards.

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