Picture"Muhtadi International Drumming Festival 2007" image by Vinod Sankar (vinod.sankar)
The annual Toronto Muhtadi International Drumming Festival returns to Woodbine Park in June 2013.

I've written about it for the second year, this time in "2013 Muhtadi Drumming Festival at Woodbine Park in Toronto". That's how much fun this celebration of the drum is.

Drumming Up Arts and Crafts in Toronto's Beach Neighbourhood

On the same weekend, the "The 2013 Spring Beaches Arts and Crafts Show in Toronto" heads for the Beach neighbourhood in Toronto.

Dogs or Drums? Consider Woofstock

Last year I wrote "The Whereabouts of Woofstock 2012 in Toronto", but updated it with this year's date and times.

Yes: the June 2013 Woofstock dog festival is on the same weekend.

Eight More Summer Toronto Events on the Same Weekend

I was  overwhelmed by the possibilities, and just touched on another "8 Fun or Charity Fitness Events in Toronto on June 9, 2013".

The most unusual thing is knitting in an art museum; and no, it's not the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum).

Do you enjoy food? A street festival? If you prefer to exercise for charity, would you care to walk, bike, run or play volleyball?

Drumming Up One Writing Tip

In the past some of my writing tips have noted that you can boost your creative output by developing a theme.

This drumming festival in Toronto is an example of an annual event that deserves some publicity every year or two.

Simply reporting on recurring events guarantees that you will have topics.

Whether the same people will read your new articles depends on what changes. For example, when the Toronto Muhtadi Drumming Festival changed venues, it was vital to let people know. On the other hand, it had settled into Toronto's Woodbine Park before I learned about it; so I did not gain a bump in readership.

On the other hand, your web site needs to develop a reputation for expertise. That certainly does not come with one article on a topic.

Simply writing about the same topic, with the same information, a dozen times won't help much, either.

Add something new each time; change the emphasis; or even give a perspective on the history of your topic.

This summer, I do believe that I'm reaping some rewards for selecting a topic like "annual events". That's my writing tip, based today on writing about the Muhtadi International Drumming Festival in Toronto for the second year in a row.

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