Picture"Two Dogs in Halloween Costumes" image by Pets Adviser
Who can resist happy Halloween dog pictures? Hopefully not the readers of my latest DeHaan Services article, "Dog Costume Halloween Parades in Toronto and the GTA 2013".

This article points to three events in and around Toronto for pet owners to enjoy a Hallowe'en event with their dogs. It adds a bonus item for an annual event in a New York City park; one with almost a quarter of a century of history.

Squeeze in 2013 Hallowe'en Just for People

(Added Oct. 24, 2013): Let me also publicize "2013 Halloween Events in Toronto and the GTA", which I wrote a few days later. We can't let the dogs have all the fun, can we?

By the way, that new article is an example of "dogged" pursuit of this Hallowe'en theme, as well as the fact that it's a great time of year to write in the niche of annual events.

One Dogged Writing Tip

This writing tip uses "dogged" in the sense of "persistent" or "persisting".

We all hope that our very next blog post will go viral, to catapult us into the ranks of well-known and highly-paid writers.

In the mean time, be persistent. Doggedly pursue your goal. If you have a schedule, stick to it. Meet your deadlines.

At this moment, I'm suffering more from "too many timely topics" than from "lack of inspiration". It can be difficult to fit all the tasks into the timeframe.

By the way, I'm not saying "keep banging your head into a wall". Keep working, but do be open to new techniques and new inspirations.

Meanwhile, enjoy what you do doggedly, just as these animal lovers enjoy dressing their dogs in Hallowe'en costumes.

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