Well, that was awkward

I just lost today's blog post while doing an update. Well, well, but mostly unwell.

Let me skip past the trivia.

Today I published two Squidoo lenses.

I was also going to begin listing one or two articles each day from "my" other two sites, Environmental Graffiti and Suite 101. The purpose, of course, is SEO. If you want to read all my articles, you might just find my profile at those sites and follow their list.

UPDATED Dec. 31: As planned, I updated this page with some images headings.

My New Squidoo Lenses

Saturn Rocket Launch by NASA
Today I published two Squidoo lenses:
Coat Rack Stands in the continuing Furniture series, and Childhood Memories of Watching a NASA Rocket Lift-off as my first Squidoo Quest lens.

Coat Rack by jon_a_ross, as seen on my Squidoo 'Coat Rack Stand' lens

Two Good Old Environmental Graffiti Articles

Shark attack! by bellamy.andrew as seen in my Environmental Graffiti article
My first Environmental Graffiti articles were Great White Sharks Menace Cape Cod's Seals , which and Californian Mosquitos Killing Off Crows With West Nile Virus.

Two Good Old Suite 101 Articles

Image of a biting mosquito by aussiegall as seen in my West Nile Virus article in Suite 101
My first two Suite 101 articles were Great White Sharks Near Cape Cod - Again and The West Nile Virus Triangle: Mosquitos, Crows and People.

My astute readers here will realize that I was using news items from the natural sciences, and then publishing articles on both sites using similar research. I invite you to read and compare the articles. Did I succeed in making them different?

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