Do you ever need to update an older article in your Weebly blog? How do you reach it through the Weebly editor page?

This article explains how to use the Weebly archive, from the sidebar, to access old Weebly blog articles.
"Weebly Archive List" image by Mike DeHaan
Simply scroll down the page to find the Archives list as shown in my image. It's in the right-hand sidebar of your Weebly editing page.

Put the Archive into the Weebly Sidebar (if it isn't there already)

"Weebly Sidebar Menu" image by Mike DeHaan
If you don't already have the Weebly Archives list in your sidebar, look to your main menu.

Click the "Sidebar" to open that menu area, and then drag the "Sidebar" widget to the sidebar. You can place it higher or lower, depending on the other sidebar elements you've included; how often you use the sidebar; and whether you want your visitors to work through the archives or read the other sidebar elements first.

Smart Planning for Using Your Weebly Archive

I keep a list of my articles and blogs in a spreadsheet, noting:
  • The publication date of the article.
  • The title of the article.
  • The URL of the article.
The title and URL allow me to link to that article from any other article, whether in Weebly or elsewhere. However, such a link delivers the reader's version of the Weebly article.

If you're signed into a Wordpress site as an author, you usually have the option to edit the article you're reading. I don't see that option in Weebly.

Therefore, to update an old Weebly article, it's easier to go into the Weebly editor for the blog. Then I click on the Archive month, since I was clever enough to log the publication date. It does not take much scrolling to find the article. You could even search for a keyword from the title, using your browser's search function.

Your Visitors Can Use the Weebly Archive

Visitors will also see the Weebly archive in the sidebar, so they could investigate older articles if they want to learn more about you.

There are better ways for visitors to explore a site, but it's a possibility. If you want to hide old articles from your readers, maybe you should remove the archive from the Weebly sidebar.

Your Feedback is Welcome

Let me know if this article about using the Weebly archive is helpful.

Also, I welcome feedback about these Weebly tips.

Thanks for reading!

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