Weebly Sidebar #1 : image by Mike DeHaan
Thanks to reader Renu, who asked "...how to add a blogroll or links tab to the Weebly sidebar"?

I'm only going to address part of the question here.

Please see the above image.

In that picture, my Weebly blog is open for editing, but I have not yet begun to edit a specific post.

The “Blog Sidebar” tab is active in the left-hand menu.

Weebly Sidebar #2 : image by Mike DeHaan
Next I drag a “Text Title” towards the sidebar, and am ready to drop it in. That's not the correct kind of element, but it is just an example.

Weebly Sidebar #3 : image by Mike DeHaan
I gave up on the "Title" widget but clicked on my existing "StumbleUpon" widget in the sidebar. In my sidebar, when I actually click on a text area such as the Stumble-Upon notice, it shows the HTML code (actually PHP or whatever). Anyway, it's code rather than simple text. I'm not sure whether this is an out-of-date option or whether one of the available tools still permits this.

The key point is that you need the specific HTML code. For example, if you have “blogroll” code in a different blog, you could copy-and-paste that into an HTML area. Offhand, I don't know how to code a blogroll.

It won't work if it's normal Weebly text, because that forbids HTML codes...if memory serves.

Of course, Google or Google-Plus or StumbleUpon give their members the sharing code from their logged-in sites.

Once you have the code in place, you have to click the "Publish>>" button in the upper-right of the top menu (where it says "Publish>> ? Help! X Close").

Recap for Adding Widgets to the Weebly Sidebar

  1. Edit the blog, but do not select any one article. (In the example shown, I was not editing any one blog post. Now that I'm editing this one, the "Sidebar" option is not available).
  2. Drag and drop a widget into the sidebar. Just now, I don't have time to figure out which type(s) of widgets permit (HTML) code rather than normal text. Try it and see...and leave a comment if you figure it out before I have a chance to do so!
  3. If Weebly supplies the right widget, just skip the next point; you don't need to change the code.
  4. If Weebly does not supply the exact widget you need, you probably need to get it from another reliable source. I know that's how I got the G+ and StumbleUpon buttons.
  5. Once you have the code in place, click your mouse in a different widget to finish the current one.
  6. Once you're done, click the "Publish>>" button in the upper-right of the top menu line. (That's the row with "Publish/?/Help!/X_Close").
  7. Try it out in "reader" mode.
Thanks for the question, Renu. If I do not see another comment here in the next week or so, I will try to tweak the sidebar again and figure out exactly which widget is which.

Updated on Jan. 22, 2013

First, I just added a picture to the top of the sidebar today, and a note at the bottom of the sidebar about the different widgets available there.

Second, and more importantly, the "Custom HTML" widget is found in the Elements + More + Misc menu, but only when updating a blog post (or possibly a static page).
This is the custom HTML widget. It's just text, but you cannot use the formatting tools such for bold, italic, etc. However, I could code some HTML here. On the other hand, I cannot drag or copy this element to the sidebar when I'm editing the sidebar. Nor is the "custom HTML" widget available while updating the sidebar.

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