Well, this is awkward. Today my goals are to catch up on some of the business dull-work, rather than to write reams of wonderful new material. Also, as this is my first post, I have not yet trained myself with a set of reflexes.

Never fear! My working day started with a survey of my friends on Facebook, so I liked a few of their Suite 101 stories which they posted. Then I checked my Digg friends: I began following three of my followers, checked many of their newly-Dugg articles and Dugg them too.

Then I went to  Reddit for "new science". One article by Treehugger caught my attention, so I read it, upvoted it on Reddit, and passed it to Digg. Someone had already Dugg it, but I flagged it in case my Treehugging friend did not notice it for himself.

One EurekAlert article was interesting enough that I posted it to Reddit, Digg and my other social link sites. I do try to post some items to them, beyond my own.

I was still checking whether the search engines can find my Squidoo pages. Thankfully, my Lensography page was indeed listed.

What are my plans for writing today? On a personal level, I need to write a report and an agenda for an annual meeting...but that won't be posted online. I really want to write an Environmental Graffiti article and check whether it gets strong initial pageviews. And I want to pump out a Squidoo page, too, if I can grab another furniture-related topic. It would be good to get an environmental slant on wood versus plastic furniture.

My first actual achievement today is learning that Weebly does, indeed, support blogging...which comes as a shock to all my readers, I'm sure. And I achieved writing this first blog entry here. "Ta-big-deal-da".

Those are the plans. Don't stay tuned...flip the channel for part of the day, and I will try to update this later.

First Update for Dec. 29

UPDATE #1: In addition to tweaking some of the above notes, I did indeed draft my church report and agenda. I also asked a lot of other people to write their reports.

I wrote a tightly-focused Squidoo lens for Bed Bug Mattress Protectors. I listed it in my "Furniture and Household Products" group of lenses, although future sections like Health might have suited it better. Obviously, I am also updating this blog. 

Also, I followed-up a nice comment from a fellow Suite 101 writer for one of my initial Squidoo lenses. Next, I had better get on with boring business work.

Second Update for Dec. 29

UPDATE #2: I researched some more Amazon top sellers, took notes and checks with Google to see which key phrases are most popular and valuable to advertisers. Tomorrow will bring forth yet another Squidoo lens.

I also updated my DeHaan Services "xref" page with links to the newest lens as well as this here Weebly site. (I do apologize...to myself...for not getting the fonts I want for my company name. Note the business card, below. Really love that "Papyrus" font). Finally, I am going to split these updates so that I can use some proper "titles". 
Image of DeHaan Services business card.


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